1. What Is The Illinois FAIR Plan Association?

    The Illinois FAIR Plan Association offers property insurance to qualified applicants in Illinois who are unable to buy insurance through the standard insurance market for reasons beyond their control. The FAIR Plan may be an answer for responsible property owners or homeowners who are having a problem obtaining property insurance in the standard market. Many insureds use the FAIR Plan as a temporary market for a year or two until they qualify for coverage in the standard market.

  2. What Coverages Are Offered?

    The FAIR Plan offers Dwelling Property, Commercial Property and a broad range of Homeowners coverage for property owners, renters and condominium owners. These products are similar to what is available in the standard market. They provide protection against loss from such hazards as fire, lightning, wind, hail, explosion, smoke, vehicles, aircraft, and vandalism and malicious mischief. The FAIR Plan Homeowners policy also protects against all these as well as burglary, theft and personal liability coverage.

  3. Does The FAIR Plan Provide Earthquake Insurance?

    Earthquake Coverage is available, upon request, as an endorsement to the Dwelling Property and Homeowners policy. The standard deductible is 5% and the rates vary by territory. Earthquake Coverage is not available under the Commercial Property policy.

  4. What Type Of Policy Should I Purchase?

    You should meet with a licensed Illinois insurance producer (broker or agent) to help you find out your specific insurance needs.

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  5. How Much Insurance Should I Buy?

    The amount of insurance you need depends on the type of policy you are requesting, and the replacement cost and market value of your property. Your producer will help you determine how much insurance you need.

  6. How Do I Apply?

    Contact any licensed Illinois producer. The producer will help you decide which policy form meets your insurance needs. Complete an application for insurance. If you have any questions, contact the FAIR Plan's Customer Service Department at (312) 861-0385.

  7. What Are The FAIR Plan's Underwriting Standards?

    There are reasonable standards that must be met to be insured by the FAIR Plan. However, these are basic things that most people would do to make their property safe. A representative will visit your property to make sure that our underwriting standards are met.

  8. Do I Have To Pay The Premium All At Once?

    Insureds may pay the entire premium at one time, or they may use the FAIR Plan's 5 pay installment program. An initial deposit equal to 20% of the premium is required. After that, the insured is billed approximately every 55 days.

  9. How Do I Report A Claim?

    Contact your producer, call the FAIR Plan at (312) 861-0385 or complete the Property Loss Notice on this website.

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  10. Do I Need A Producer?

    The FAIR Plan strongly encourages applicants to use the services of a licensed Illinois producer. A producer has received special training and is able to provide the professional assistance that is necessary when dealing with insurance matters. To locate a producer, you may get a reference from a friend or relative, or look in the telephone directory.

Please contact the Illinois FAIR Plan Association at (312) 861-0385 if you have any additional questions. Our Customer Service Department is available from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.


The information contained here is a general summary of the programs offered by the Illinois FAIR Plan Association. The insured's legal rights are determined by the insurance policy and the Illinois Insurance Code, not by the contents of this website. Underwriting rules, rates and standards are subject to change.